August 14th, Sunday

Hunt for the Golem (3)

We had all believed that the terror of The Golem had been put to an end by the halfelven Wizard Abramelin, but we were all of us deceived! Whether through trickery Abramelin had SEEMED to end the Golems un-life then set it free or though fell magics of this cold city it escaped death and regrew in it’s awesome power or even a second, twin-like construct took up the call of destruction… it matters not. It ran amok again, killing indiscriminately in a circular pattern that centered on an old frozen warehouse.

The Zooiphiles entered from the lower Southeast.
The Cabal of Best Supporting Cast entered from the Southwest.
The barbarians of Slickraven entered from the North.

The battle lasted 3 and 1/2 hours as treasure was taken while the rampaging Golem shattered oaken beams and pummeled the cracking floor. Wizard Toad of the Zoophilies seemed most plagued by the blood covered construct, but Frau Bluchers’ and Slickravens’ men were accosted by wandering Armoured Skeletons, Rats, Ghouls, Skeletons and Wolves brought in to the fray by the noise. Wizard Toad leaped away with an astounding 5 chests of gold while The Cast exited stage left with 2 chests (looking dramatically at the gold left behind) and Slickraven crawled over the bodies of the dead with 2 chests.

The warehouse, the home of The Golem for the last 1,000 years, collapsed down around it’s head after the Warbands barely escaped. Only a fool would think that the self aware construct was destroyed, but perhaps it is once again trapped.



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