April 31st, Sunday

Thaw Of The Lich Lord (1)

It was a day in Frostgrave like any other. The majestic blue sky held the beaming sun aloft as its’ light shown down and refracted through the thawing ice creating a thousand gems. But alas the clang of metal on metal could be heard. Three teams meet for the first time in a bright city avenue, all intent on gaining more treasure then the other.
A band of newly sentient animals jumped in from the north east and hoofed their way to the treasure.
Madame Lao and her band of indentured child laborers entered from the North West and headed down.
Inga the Forlorn along with her Javelineers walked in deaths footsteps from the South and immediately split the party.

Midway through the fracas, the sun was aten by a black disk. Magical powers surged unbound through out the frozen city and also the Wizards (well, not Inga… by this time she was knocked out and dying). This is always an ill portent!

The Animals darted back into the underbrush with 4 chests. Madame Lao relived her surviving child slaves of 4 of their hard won chests. Inga was dragged off the battle field with 1 chest a top her chest.

Something stirs in the darkness, hidden all these long years, awakened…



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