Hello all, Here’s a simple, neat way to put all your Warband stuff on one Wiki page


Clock Blockers

Name Move Fight Shoot Armour Will Health
Lady Del’Rolexx 6 + 2 0 10 + 4 15

GOLD: 60
WOUNDS: none
5 ITEMS Max. (1)Staff, (2)Scroll(3)blank, (4)blank, (5)blank.


ARCHERS (Cost 50GP)—- Bow, Dagger, Leather Armour.

Name Move Fight Shoot Armour Will Health 1 Item
Ted 6 + 2 + 2 11 0 10 none
Bill 6 + 2 + 2 11 0 10 none
Pretty much that’s it.

h1 to h6 makes text bigger. (Make sure a space is between it and your next sentence)

1px is the border width of your box. You can put in any number to make it bigger.

solid red colors your box. You can try any color.

With no space between them, start your columns and rows. Just make sure you have everything counted out. On one row I had 6 columns and the next row I only had 5. Pure hell, that.

Watch out for + and – signs. when they are up close to a number it might tell the computer to underline the number. I put a space between them.

An * before and right after a word BOLDs it. This can work inside the row/column box too.

OK, everything else is just a repeat on that stuff. Good luck!


This is VERY subject to change but what do you guys think of this…

A RED dot on a token indicates that it has went this turn
A GREEN dot shows that miniature is Encumbered (with Booty!)
A BLUE dot indicates the token has a lasting spell on it. I may even go as far to number my spells and put that number on the dot. (See Numbering dots)
A TAN dot indicates the token is reloading (a crossbow) this round
A PURPLE dot with a number on it shows how much Health a miniature has left.

Numbering Dots. highlight your token and click on the Dot/Symbol fly out button. Use your pointer to click on a colored dot, AS you do that type in a number and POOF! you now have a dot on your guy with a number on it.


I changed the circles above our figurines heads to Red, White and Purple. These may represent the Fighting/Shooting, Armour and Health respectively. To put these numbers in, just click on your token to make the circles fly out, click on a circle of your choice and type in a short number. You can use a / to split two numbers up if need be.


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