December-15th, Tuesday
A not so fun three-way

Three Warbands met for the first time in the ruined streets of Frostgrave.
Near the pit of the standing statue Aurelia and Company entered from the North.
The shivering Rivendell Bikini Team entered from the East.
And the Clock Blockers entered from the West.

Combat lasted about 2 and a half hours.

Fighting was kept to a minimum being all Warbands were testing each other out. Aurelia came away with 5 chests of treasure, The Bikini Team came away with 2 chests (of gold) and the Clock Blockers came away with 2 chests.

After the fight Aurilia and Company made and old bawdy house their base of operations called The Fat Cock.
The Rivendell Bikini Team founded a base out of The Stardust Inn and Tavern.
The Clock Blockers settled in the Southern Crypt Network and pitched their tents on top of the dead.

Aurelia's Journal---Part 1
A Place To Rest

TomeAurelia.jpgAurelia led her warband back through the maze of ruins back to the outskirts of Felstad. All except for herself and Birgit were weighed down carrying the chests that they made off with, apart from the two archers, Eeva and Grete, who were carrying the still unconscious form of the third archer, Helmi between them. Guido the war hound limped along behind them, occasionally stopping to sniff and mark his territory.

Snow was starting to fall heavily again. A storm was rolling in over the plains.

“We’ll hole up here for the night,” Aurelia said nodding in the direction of a cottage that still had most of its roof intact. “We should be far enough away from the other warbands for them not to find us here as the snow will quickly cover our tracks.”

As Jaana and Katlin started a fire, Aurelia and Birgit sat down and, with all of the others looking on excitedly, they started to open up the five chests that they had recovered.

“Not too bad a start,” Aurelia said once everything had been tallied up. “Not quite as much gold as I would have hoped for, but we did pretty well for magic items.”

“Great!” said Dagmar excitedly, thrusting her hand into the pile of gold. “So how much do we each get?”

Aurelia slapped her hand away.

“No touching!”

“That’s not how it works,” Aurelia said. “No, think of our band as a ‘start up’. We are ‘boot strapping’ at the moment. If we were simply to each divide up the gold and go out and spend it ourselves, then our rivals would quickly become much stronger than us. So no. You are all ‘shareholders’ and we are ‘reinvesting’ our ‘seed capital’.”

Dagmar looked confused and dejected.

“So no treasure for any of us?”

“Not yet,” Aurelia said. “But these few coins are but a mere pittance compared to what we will be making later. Just be patient and, after a few more adventures, you will leave this place rich beyond your wildest dreams.”

“Unless, of course, you die in the process,” Brita muttered under her breath.

Dagmar still looked a little confused.

Aurelia saw that Dagmar was still not convinced. She reached into the pile and took the ring.

“You did well. You can borrow this,” she said handing over the ring. “It will allow you to teleport once. Use it wisely.”

Dagmar’s eyes opened wide as she took the ring and admired it. “It’s pretty!” she smiled.

Aurelia and Brita exchanged knowing glances. Stupid sword wavers – they were all going to die sooner or later. And if they didn’t, then the two Illusionists would just run off with all of the loot and leave them one day. Brita grinned. Now she realized what had drawn her to becoming an Illusionist rather than one of the other Schools of Magic. Fucking with people’s heads was just so much more fun than throwing balls of fire around.

“OK, then,” Aurelia continued. “Time for a celebration. Let’s break out the rations. Where are they?”

“They are in the backpack next to where Guido is sleeping,” Brita said.

Aurelia looked around to see the tattered remains of a backpack next to where the dog was sleeping.


She ran over to the dog and gave him an almighty kick.


Guido quickly got to his feet and scampered away.


The other members of the warband looked on shocked.

“Let that be a lesson to all of you. I will NOT accept selfishness in our warband. You are all dispensable.”

Things calmed down after that. But the cull was not over yet.

“Inga, I would like a little word with you in private, if you have five minutes,” Aurelia said sweetly.

“Yes, Miss Aurelia,”

“So what exactly did you contribute to the exercise this afternoon?” Aurelia asked.

“I was bodyguarding you and Miss Birgit, like you told me to do,” she replied meekly.

“Seems more to me that you were standing around doing absolutely nothing while the rest of us did all of the work – running and grabbing treasure, casting spells or giving covering fire with bows.”

“But Miss Aurelia, I protected you from the savage dogs that were trying to outflank us.”

“Dogs? They were more like fluffy rats. Birgit and myself were more than capable of handling them ourselves.”

“Sorry, Inga, but we all have to pull our weight in this warband. You are dismissed. Goodbye.”

Inga slunk off into the storm, never to be seen again.

The remainder of the warband eventually fell off to sleep, waking up early, feeling grumpy due to the cold and lack of breakfast.

Aurelia had a quiet word with Birgit.

“It seems as if the rumours were true about Felstad. There are easy pickings here. We are definitely staying. But we need to find a better place than this – it’s fucking freezing and the girls will be moaning constantly. So your task for the day is to find us a permanent base. Somewhere nice with a roof and at least four walls.

“Will do,” Birgit agreed. “I’ll be back as soon as I find somewhere suitable.”

While Birgit was away, Aurelia spent the morning writing out notices on pieces of parchment.




Birgit returned mid-afternoon.

“I think I found somewhere good,” he reported with a smile. “It’s an Inn. Let me take you all there.”

“The Fat Cock,” Aurelia read from the faded, frost-glazed sign dangling from its signpost. “A fixer upper for sure, but it looks like it has potential. Well done. I think it will suit our purposes fine.”

The Illusionist spent the rest of the day adding maps showing the location of The Fat Cock to her posters and then wandering around the taverns posting them up.

The following day Aurelia and Birgit spent interviewing a small but steady stream of applicants while the rest of the party continued to tidy up the Inn.

By the next evening, The Fat Cock was looking a lot more homely. Aurelia gathered together all of the members.

“Girls, I would like to introduce you to your three new team members,” she said, presenting the newcomers to them.

“Please welcome Laine and Maarika – a couple of new Treasure Hunters.”

Dagmar’s eyes glow green with jealousy as she realizes that she is not so special any more.

“And finally, we have a lone ranger.”

“Can she lend me five gold until next Tuesday?” asks Jaana.

“Not a loan arranger,” Aurelia snaps angrily. “ A lone ranger. And her name is …”

“Kemo Sabe?”

‘SHUT UP JAANA! Idiot. No, her name is Nele.”

“Please make the new girls welcome. Remember that our lives depend upon us all working well with one another.”

December- 22ond, Tuesday

Four Warbands met on the field of battle this day. It was noon and the cold sun shown down on a section of Felstad lovingly called Ice Maggot Way. It was a wide section of ruins with a working well in the middle. It was too late in the battle to realize this was also a favorite watering spot for some of the city’s native life.

The Rivendell Bikini Team entered from the west.
The Clock Blockers entered from the East.
Aurelia and Co. came down from the North
And The Cabal of Best Supporting Cast came from the South.

The battle lasted 4 and a half hours, during which 2 Ice Trolls, 2 Ghouls and a Frost Toad entered the fray at various times and points (Ghouls seem to have a cloaking field because they literally “…just appeared…”)

Rivendell came away with 4 bouncy chests of gold that defied gravity.
The Blockers only had time enough to get 2 treasure chests.
Aurelia left the scene with only 2 golden boxes of gold.
And The Cast…

Supporting Cast?

I friggin’ get it now, Zeno! These are wizards that CAST spells! You named yours Best Supporting CAST as in casting a spell. Maaaan, that’s slick. That pun almost went over my head. Took me a few days though ha ha ha.

Where was I… oh-

The Cast left with 3 treasure chests, one of which I may note was totally ripped off from the Blockers.

Aurelia's Journal--part 2
After the second battle

TomeAurelia.jpgAurelia was not happy. Even the new recruits had figured out that it was probably best not to speak with her until she was ready.

They were halfway back to The Fat Cock before she was ready.

“Well that was a complete humiliation,” she spat, venomously.

“Well it could have been a lot worse,” Brita offered with a brave smile. “We did get two treasures and no one was badly wounded in the process.”

“Two treasures. JUST TWO TREASURES! While those Rivendell Bikini Sluts got away with … how many? Four? Five? I lost count they got so many. So many of OUR treasures. Sluts. Whores. Bitches. Cheating, bitchy, slutty whores.

“At least we took at least one down. I saw her fall hard,” Brita offered. “And Eeva did really well against that huge troll.”

“Pah! Only because I lent her my magical dagger.”

“Well let’s just wait and see what we ended up with from the two treasures that we did get,” Brita concluded.

Aurelia’s mood seemed to change little after going through the contents of the two chests.

“Just 240 gold, a Grimoire of Destructive Sphere which is next to useless as it is from the Elemental School and this bloody thing.”

It took all her strength just to lift the Two-Handed Sword.

“Useless. We’d need to hire some muscle-headed barbarian to make any use of the ridiculous thing at all.”

“I am sure that we could get a fair price for it at Bob the Barbarian’s Used Magick Weapons Mart though,” Brita replied.

“Good thinking,” Aurelia agreed. “I knew there was a reason why I kept you around. Go sell it. And you may as well sell the dagger as well while you’re at it. The band has proved itself to be totally incapable of handling even the simplest of tasks and so it’s time for us to make some more sweeping changes. And that’s going to be expensive.”

“I managed to get 200 for the two-handed sword and 150 for the dagger,” Brita says proudly, handing over the money pouch.

“Good,” Aurelia replies, grabbing the purse from her. “Add that to the 240 we took, plus the 10 left in the kitty and we have 600 to spend now.”

She sneered as she looked over the warband.

“That should be more than enough to get rid of all the deadwood and replace them all with some more talented individuals who can think and act for themselves.”

The cull was indeed brutal by the time that Aurelia had finished with her hiring and firing. In fact, it left only Dagmar as the sole survivor from the first incarnation of Aurelia and Brita’s band. All three archers and both of the thieves were fired. In their places came yet another three Treasure Hunters – Renate, Saara and Terje – plus two more Rangers – Olli and Pila.

Aurelia and Brits welcomed them to the fold.

“And 160 gold left in the kitty in case we need to make any more replacements,” Aurelia whispered to Brita.

Clock Blockers Time Sheet---1

TomeClock.jpg“Ah, here we are. Sue is putting her face on. I’m sure she won’t mind if we pop in.” With that Jakk pulled the heavy triple layered curtain away from the sturdy tent entrance and ushered the two new armoured men inside. Although grateful to be entering a warmer, less windy place one of the men hesitates and says

“High Templar Del’Rolexx Of The Chronoguard is one of the Goddess’ most powerful apostles. Are you sure you are comfortable with just addressing her by her first name?” His steely glare bores into Jakk slightly more cold then the ever blowing wind.

“Ah, yes. You see Frostgrave…er… I mean the city of Felstad is so dangerous that if one was to warn her of a danger, by the time one states her official title, she’d be eaten. You don’t want that do you? In you go!” Jakk gives a push to the questioning knight, enters himself then closes the flap. The white outside glare is slow to fade as the three men’s eyes accommodate them selves to the dimness of the command tent. In a dark corner, the back of a 80 year old crone can be seen. She is sitting bent over a wide bowl of slightly phosphorus gel, she is naked from the waist up. What she is doing is blocked, but her shaking bony hands can be seen strapping leather-like cords around her scalp and deftly buckling the little buckles. As she stands she turns and pulls up the heavy wool dark red robe. She faces the men as she pulls the hood over her thinning white hair and says,

“Welcome to Felstad.”

The two armoured men are speechless. Del’Rolexx has a face of an Angel. So young and vibrantly full of life. Her eyes sparkle as blue as the frozen ice that surrounds the city and her voice is like a summer breeze.

“First order of business is to get you two settled in, fed and brought up to date on the situation here. Jakk will show you to your tent next to the Infantrymen and then he will bring you some Warhound Stew. Please don’t tell the others about the stew, they’ve grown far too attached to Tick and Tock. We will be making another foray into a recently thawed section of the City in 2 days. Chances are we might run in to one of the other warbands who think they have rights here. One is lead by an Illusionist and the other has an Evoker. What’s worse is we’ve recently received news that a new warband is scavenging the streets. We might have to fight them too. This deserted City is getting too crowded for my tastes.”

December- 29th, Tuesday
Crossroads of Pain

In the crispy early morning Frostgrave began to awaken from it’s cold, dark sleep. The tiny ball of light jokingly called the sun rose from the East and shone its light on 3 Warbands preparing to do battle over a recently discovered pocket of treasure. Aurelia and her team by now were learned in the math equation of survival over greed. But two new Warbands were shaking from excitement (or fear) of the conflict to come.

Aurelia and Co. entered from the North of the crossroads.

Slickraven and her hungry band of barbaric cannibles entered from the East.
Abramelin’s Crew, boosted with temporary summoned fighters entered from the West.

During the battle a lowly Ghoul made its first stumbling step since its hibernation of 1000 years only to be torn apart by a barbarian. Slickravens lack of an Apprentice was a marked hindrance. The quick Treasure Hunters made light work of running to the chests then departing into the early morning mist. The battle lasted 2 and a half hours.

Aurelia, her team bloodied, lost no soldiers and exited with a kings ransom of 4 treasure chests.
Slickraven watched as 3 of her men went down only to gain 1 chest.
Abramelin witnessed the fall of most of his constructs and two of his best archers, one of whom later died of her wounds. He exited with 4 treasure chests.

Afterward Slickraven fell into an undiscovered Laboratory and began to lick her wounds. Abramelin set shop up in a place called The Lost Souls Bed and Breakfast (4.1 rating on TripAdvisor, “The Fried Rat with Potatoes was to die for…”). Also Aurelia built a kennel out back of her Inn so her she could once again bring her Warhound- Guido, back into the fray.

December- 29th, Tuesday (later)
The Mousoleum

Rumor had it that there was ancient treasure to be found at a newly thawed out grave site, a Mausoleum. Investigating this were two Warbands who, although fought viciously this very morning and had wounded party members, both needed the gold and experience to survive this deadly city.

Abramelin’s Crew crept up from the South.
Slickraven and her band came from the north.

The battle lasted two hours, well into the setting of the sun. Although no wandering monsters made an entrance, the Mausoleum itself churned forth scads of skeletal minions who hampered the treasure reclamation efforts. Slickraven’s greed and hunger was her downfall, both Warbands could have gained an equal amount of treasure and have been done with it, but the cannibal barbarians charged deep into Abramelin’s area of control and paid dearly for that mistake.

Abramelin came away with 4 Chests of gold, 2 of which were of a greater amount then ever before seen and no loss of life.
Slickraven left the field with only 2 chests of large size. Four out of her five Barbarians were killed.

That night Abramelin set a giant Cauldron inside his Base to aid potion making.
Slickraven hired more nameless Barbarians.

Slickravens Log---- 1
Dinnertime in the Ruins

TomeSlickraven.jpgTHINGS I HAVE ATE_

Apprentice Liver with sautéed chives and white wine
Gained 200 Gold coins. Note to self, I have more chives and wine, Must try to lure other Warbands’ Apprentices to join me for dinner.

Ghoul toes on a bed of crisp Trent leaves
Must thank Aberlimeninan (?) for summoning the Treant for my men to kill. I have made a kitchen in my new Laboratory I have made into my Base. I then sold Rings for cash.

Skull Bone Stew toped with parmesan cheese
As one of my Nameless Barbarians was running away he was attacked by 3 Skeletons from a Mausoleum. They each missed him and he killed each one in one round. I guess I should name him.. later. I now hired 4 new Barbarians to replace the 1 that died.

Flaming Frost Rat in a Bourbon-Tomato Cream Sauce
Found this little morsel in the ruins of a Keep, also gained enough gold to totally max out my Barbarian hoard. Killed a Wizard with just a look!! Must sell some of this crap.

January- 3rd, Sunday
"The Keep"

Four Warbands conducted furious battle withing the ruins of an old, decrepit Keep. Although it’s walls had crumbled, it’s mystical teleportation disks were still very active, much to the chagrin of anyone stepping upon one.

Siegfried and Roy decended on the Keep from the North.
Bob’s Magical Mystery Tour came in from the East.
The Cabal of Best Supporting Cast crawled up from the South and
Slickraven slunk in from the West.

The battle lasted 4 hours and 10 minutes. The clash of steel and the lamentations of the fallen drew the attention of a autonomous, penis shaped, vibrating construct and 2 rats of enormous size that added to the confusion of melee. Bob’s archers gained a commanding view of the action from atop a burnt-out tower, but it was Slickraven herself who drew first blood as she successfully Struck Dead the wizard Siegfried ( it was noted that as he died he was to say “You S-th-lattern whore! I’ll scratc-th your eyes out nex-th-t time!”). Towards the end, Bob and the Cast had a central blood-pit duel over the last two treasures which were eventually ripped into pieces and scattered about. No wizard was stupid brave enough to step onto the tele-disks and gain experience as to it’s workings.

Roy (at least) left with 3 fancy treasure chests, but with four teammates and two expensive show-cats dead, it was a Pyrrhic victory at best. The team then squatted in a unique fixer-upper and decided to start a Bed-and-Breakfast called The Freeman’s Arms

Bob exited with 2 chests of mystery and one corpse. He discovered a site later on in the day that could be refurbished into a Brewery of sorts, so he set his team to the task of furbishing.

The Cast ran off with 2 heavy treasures supported between them. They all wept effusively during the post-production party over the loss of a Summoned Snow Leopard. Eventually they re-grouped at their base, a treasury that used to be inhabited by a clan of Frost Giants.

Slickraven flew back to her Laboratory with 3 chests of gold and three dead barbarians (ie…lunch)


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