April 31st, Sunday
Thaw Of The Lich Lord (1)

It was a day in Frostgrave like any other. The majestic blue sky held the beaming sun aloft as its’ light shown down and refracted through the thawing ice creating a thousand gems. But alas the clang of metal on metal could be heard. Three teams meet for the first time in a bright city avenue, all intent on gaining more treasure then the other.
A band of newly sentient animals jumped in from the north east and hoofed their way to the treasure.
Madame Lao and her band of indentured child laborers entered from the North West and headed down.
Inga the Forlorn along with her Javelineers walked in deaths footsteps from the South and immediately split the party.

Midway through the fracas, the sun was aten by a black disk. Magical powers surged unbound through out the frozen city and also the Wizards (well, not Inga… by this time she was knocked out and dying). This is always an ill portent!

The Animals darted back into the underbrush with 4 chests. Madame Lao relived her surviving child slaves of 4 of their hard won chests. Inga was dragged off the battle field with 1 chest a top her chest.

Something stirs in the darkness, hidden all these long years, awakened…

March 12th, Thursday

The Hall of Mirrors was not a place to be looted lightly. Yet lightly it was looted by two brand new Wizard bands, each knowing full well that their particular scheme to victory was the best. Randolph the Magnificent entered from the East as Jumpin’ Jack of the J’s (no relation) entered from the West, then stopped to light their pipes, stand around and talk about last nights campfire, then smile at each other, put their pipes away, shift their weapons and continue entering. It was pretty much a slaughter as Randolph’s use of light made the shuffling J thieves variable arrow beacons. The J’s did well to get two treasures out as the Apprentice was half dead and 3 of their own will never smoke again. Randolph then enslaved the demonic Mirror Clones and made them wash his horse.

Clock Blockers Time Sheet---3

TomeClock.jpg“What The Fuck!?!??! What The Fuck!?!?!? I didn’t sign up for this Man! I’m outta here! I’m the FUCK outta here!!!” cried Howars the Archer as he desperately tried to wipe his best friends splattered, frozen blood from his tunic. seeing that was futile he clumsily gathered his bow and back pack to him and began to stand up. The gash in his leg began to gush forth it’s crimson warmth and Howars collapsed back down on the turned over grave stone that the Clock Blockers were using as chairs around the fire. His face was pale as a ghost as he mumbled quietly himself.

“Secondz Jr. It was his first fight. He was so excited and they…they…k…”

“We all lost someone close ta us that last battle. Who’d a thought that the one warm place in this cold hell would hold so much death.” Said Sir Geyrs as he looked mournfully at the newly turned earth that shallowly held his friend, Sir Pendulum. Upon the dirt, acting as a headstone was a sword, a shield and mail armour. Newly cleaned, polished and left behind.

“Wot we need ta do is march up there to the tent of our Saint Del Rolexx and demand to get our fair share of da loot. When I signed on to da church of the Goddess of Time as a Knight I had no idea I’d be assigned to this forgotten place. I’m needed elsewhere! And damned if I’m going ta walk outta here wit empty pockets.” That said Sir Geyers prepared to stand up, his eyes stared fixedly on the Wizards tent. But something held him back— twenty two pounds of sharpened metal held him back.

“Sit down.” Says Mourning Buzzer the barbarian with a voice that seemed to come from a dark pit. He held his flameburge with one hand across Sir Geyrs’ abdomen while his eyes were fixed on the fire coals. Everyone knew Buzzers’ twin brother, Stitch’n, was shot in the back by fell magics as he tried to run back to the Warband with newly discovered treasure. If anyone had an argument with the Chrono Apostle it would be this uncivilized savage. He pulled back his serrated blade as the Knight sat back down upon the stone seat.

“We are pawns in this game.” Buzzer stated philosophically. “Heal, then battle then heal again. Eventually our number is going to come up and we will be replaced.” The barbarian noded to the east as three figures steped out of the graveyard mist. Two thieves of lowly countenance, looking feral and beaten like a couple of hyenas, hungry for an easy kill. Trailing behind them was a girl , not yet 7 years old dragging a blood stained bow and covered in ill fitting leather armour that she inherited from her dead father who recently inherited it from his dead father.

“Secondz Jr Jr.? No…it can’t be!” cried Howers.

February 9th, Tuesday
Hunt For The Golem (Part 2)

The clues that Frau Blucher put together at the last area of the Granite Golem’s massacre pointed to the Lava Gardens. This is where the rampaging beast would show next. Little did she know that other Wizards were very interested in learning about this engine of destruction and would follow her to the spot to do some research. This is the second part of a 3 part set of linked adventurs pertaining to a self willed Construct.

Frau Blucher and her cast entered from the Southwest bridge.
Siegfried’s merry men entered from the Southeast bridge.
Abramelin and his crew entered from the Northeast bridge.
Del Rolexx and her Blockers entered from the Northwest bridge.

The battle took 3 and a half hours. It was cut short due to a time constraint on Del Rolexx’s part, she commanded all her troops to drop everything and retreat, which opened them to massive attacks. 7 of her 10 men were seriously injured and 3 of those died horrible, painful deaths. Siegfried protected himself and Roy admirably as they began gaining knowledge and experience in greater amounts then ever before. Wizard Blucher shot the first spell that handicapped the deadly Golem, ensuring the safety of all others. And Abramelin…


Seeing that the other Warbands would escape with most of the Treasure whilst he fought so hard to gain what scraps he had, realized time was running out. He came upon a hideous idea to threaten the other Warbands into giving him more time to drag his treasures off the battlefield rather then just leaving them there for the crows. He stated that he would slay the Golem if his demands weren’t met thereby negating the days efforts. Frau Blucher did a quick calculation and agreed to the demands knowing that her Warband would be on top this day. Del Rolexx gauged the greed of the other wizard and called his bluff, she thought he would never go through with it and deprive himself the secrets of the Granite Golem. Siegfried, who obviously had been drinking during the battle, called Abramelin a bunch of girly names and slurringly accused him of not having the balls to do it.

Abramelin, having balls, did it. 3 of his men were killed in the attempt, but eventually the Granite Golem was destroyed and all experience in dealing with it was lost.

Thus ends the Hunt For The Golem series.

January- 31st, Sunday
The Hunt For The Golem (Part-1)

This is the first part of a mini campaign involving the search for and eventual destruction of a self-willed Construct. It recently came across another Warband on 34th Street and a massacre ensued. Bodies twisted and broken, they lay everywhere to be discovered by the next Warband to happen along. These broken men either had treasure upon them, were survivors of the attack, had fallen to the darkness of Frostgrave and became zombies or held in a death grip, the notes on how to defeat the raging Golem.

The Clock Blockers entered from the East.
The Best Supporting Cast came up from the South.
Abramelin’s Crew jotted in from the West and
Seigfried and Roy walked down from the North.

The 4 Warbands stood still at the sight of the carnage and blood. Their breaths exhaling in mists of vapor that dissipated into the frigid air like the souls of the recently dead. Then, when it was found that some of the dead still clutched gold coins to their chests, the 4 Warbands commenced to fighting. Frau Blucher had severe communication problems with her team, but her nightly fireside rehearsals kept her men in check. Abramelin’s dedicated commitment to snuff the life out of either Siegfried or Roy had started many rumors. His summond monsters and nameless minions made a bee-line towards the stylish men from the North. Lady Del’Rolexx pushed aside her usual philosophizing on the history of this long dead City to focus on sheer greed and gold collection. Roy ran for his life from the bears, Imps and minions with swords, to no avail as he was killed upon the ice rimmed cobblestone street leaving the blonde headed Siegfried to mourn his loss.

The battle lasted 4 and 1/2 hours. The Blockers came away with 4 chests of gold, the highest tally for the Chronomancers so far. The Cast exited stage left with the blood stained Golem Notes and 3 treasures (one of which was surprisingly easy to find). The Crew walked off with 3 treasures and half a handful of short brown Roy-hair. The fancy men of Siegfried left the blood bath with only 2 chests, knowing that there was one still left behind.

Off in the far distance the sounds of crashing and shattering echoed from the ruins.

The Granite Golem was near.

Too near…

January- 21st Thursday
Well of Mirrors

You may have heard of the Well of Dreams and Sorrows. There is a place just outside of the walls of Frostgrave surrounded by ice rimmed boulders that reflect all images like distorted mirrors. Within this glade is an open roofed tower. Within this tower is a ring of coldfire that constantly surround a well of still waters that reflect the image of whoever looks inside. But beware, those who gaze into the waters are soon attacked by a clone of themselves.

Two new Warbands meet for the first time.
Randolph the Magnificent’s team has devised a way to hit the bullseye of treasure collecting using his archers boosted by powerful spells. They enter the glade from the East.

The J’s slink in from the West with pockets full of smoking tobacco and spells.

The battle lasts 2 hours as the J thieves run like mad to as many chests as they can see. Randolph and his more then hideous apprentice (but she has a nice personality) cast Glow spells on as many enemies as possible. This is followed up by a barrage of flying arrows. J.J. Flash walks boldly through the cold fire and a demonic clone is created, but thankfully before the two meet in mortal combat, Flash’s skin begins to illuminate and a cloud of arrows kill him.

The Magnificents walk casually out of the glen with 4 treasure chests. As they leave they notice an expensive Demon In A Bottle just lying there in the snow, huh…fancy that! That night they set up camp in an old abandoned library

The J’s barley crawl away with 2 treasures. In time they will re-light their pipes and try this raiding thing again. They crawl up a large tower in the center of town and lock the doors behind them.

January- 18th, Monday
The Crumbling Maze

There lies within the heart of Frostgrave a crumbling maze with doors frozen solid for a thousand years. Four Warbands sought it’s treasures on this day and here within is a recount of their battle…

Frau Blucher and her Cabal of Best Supporting Cast found an entrance to this death maze from the South. Their efforts were aided by 2 powerful summoned war cats trained in the art of war. The Wizard Blucher used a mix of tequila and pomegranates to sharpen the skills of her beasts, unfortunately for all that walked behind them the scat they left was toxic to the touch.

Lady Del’Rolexx of the Clock Blockers entered from the 3 o’clock position. Her two new barbaric bodyguards were recently boosted by chronologically regressing the scar tissue of their arms to increase their damage potential. They smiled ferally as they heard deep throat giggling and slippered feet to the north. They loved to here the screams of the girly-men.

With a scathing hiss Siegfried hushed his team, the Warband of Siegfried and Roy, as they descended from the north corridor. The wizards’ pale blue eyes darted fervently from shadow to shadow ever seeking a hint of the enemy. Already severely injured twice, he did not want to be carried away from these musty halls by his tightly clothed minions yet again. One opposing wizard in particular.

The Crew hunted treasure, but Abramelin himself hunted other wizards. He looked to the summoned constructs and animals, remembering how he instructed them upon their creation to seek out mages and kill. One of the lumbering behemoths slowly walked into a wall. Abramelin revised his plans and hefted his weapon. Guess I’ll have to do things myself.

The battle lasted more then 4 hours. The maze proved formidable, not only due to the multiple doors that had been frozen shut these last thousand tears, but also as each treasure was gained a horrible monster would appear to slay the nearest figure. Too late the Warbands realized that the mazes most insidious trap was it’s draining of time. In the end multiple treasures were left behind as the bloodied Warbands slunk away to lick their wounds and maybe try again some other day.

The Cast lost their wizard to a…er… stray arrow that came out from nowhere, they escaped with 1 treasure. Siegfried did survive this day and his team came away with 3 treasures. Lady Del’Rolexx left with 2 treasures, but Secondz Jr., the replacement for Secondz, was mauled to death by a Gargoyle. Amramelin, so focused on seeking the death of Siegfried, only exited with 1 treasure.

January- 11th, Monday
A Complex Temple

Rumors among the local ice savages around Felstad speak of a grand open air Temple with statues that come alive on certain nights to preform ancient rituals even though the Priests are long dead. It was on this day that 3 Warbands discovered this Temple and began to loot it’s contents. To make things more complex, the statues fought the Wizards and mass chaos ensued.

The Clock Blockers arrived on time from the Southwest.
The Abramelin’s Crew charged in from the Northwest.
And Siegfried and Roy and the boys came in from the East.

After her previous defeats, Del’Rolexx focused her Warband and encouraged them to fight as many statues as possible to gain the treasures that they protected. Abramelin summoned many nefarious constructs and minor demons to aid his crew, but they proved to be ponderous and slow witted. Siegfried’s men used the Back Door method to sneak as many treasures from the animated guardians. The fight lasted 3 hours as each team vied for the best position to escape with the best loot. A Snow Leopard ambushed some of Siegfried’s Treasure Hunters, but they dispatched it quickly and took it’s hide to make costumes for next Saturday night. Knowing that he would come out of this battle poorly, Abramelin sent his troops across the Northern side to descend on Siegfried with shouts of “Kill the Fancy Spell Caster! That’ll make it 3 times in a week!”

Siegfried and Roy, bloodied and torn, bearly (hee hee, Bear!) escaped death with three treasure chests to show for their efforts. Three men had Emmy Award nominated death scenes.

The Clock Blockers made it out with 4 chests, but Jakk B’Quik the Apprentice caught a stray arrow in the left eye, which hampered his casting ability. Two men died.

The Crew controlled two chests as the spells wore off and half of the team, the Summoned, dissipated to the Nether. No Crew members were harmed this day.

Clock Blockers Time Sheet---2
Just Another Day

TomeClock.jpg“But, what I don’t understand is…” Private Mynutts had to pause his question to duck a Mourning-Wood arrow shot from across the huge Library by a scantily clad Indian bodybuilder from Seigfried and Roy’s Warband. It THUNKED dully into the rotting bookshelf where his head just was.

“Lady Del’Rolexx is an Apostle of the Goddess of Time. Why is she, us all in fact, in this forgotten hellhole putting our lives on the line to get this scrap treasure? It’s like we’re fighting each other like coyotes over decayed mouse parts. She should be holding Midnight Mass at the platinum temple of Serkzes like the rest of the Apostles. We should be with her doing that. Not this!” Private Mynutts along with his fellow Infantryman chugged along the rows of books right up to the 100 foot deep crack in the floor with lava down below. They hunkered down as a echoing roar of a Frost Bear could be heard above the screams of young girls from the south.

“Sue petitioned the Goddess to come here.” Private Daytyme replied as he nonchalantly plucked a tome from the rack, glanced at it’s incomprehensible cover then tossed the 1000 year old book into the lava and watched it burst into flames halfway down.

“She stated it’s not the stuff the gold buys or the power of the items in this place, but their age. Back at the Crypt she has a way to use these ‘Scraps’ as you call them and go into a trance to regress her vision back to the ancient time when these things were first wrought. From those visions she says she can ‘Post-re-engineer’ all this stuff” He looks at Mynutts with wide eyes and a smile one only gets from knowing the secret of a winning team.

“But…” Just then Private Mynutts head exploded in a phantasmagoria of lightning and blood.

His decapitated corpse squatted there for a few moments, as if it didn’t know how to act in this new development of the situation. Then it collapsed. From the area of the Rivendell Warband came a hoot of victory and a peel of giddy girl laughter. Private Daytyme slammed his back to the book rack then put his shield before him in a defensive manner with one hand and started wiping the blood spray from his face with the other.

“Hey…Over here…Private.”

Private Daytyme looked to the hailing call, He saw an arm lurched over the lip of the lava crack. He scuttled on his belly to the scene as another Elemental Bolt shot across the chasm. He grabbed the intensely hot armoured arm and pulled. It was Sir Pendulum covered in cooling rock smegma.

I saw you pushed into the lava crack by one of Seigfried’s treasure hunters! You fell 100 feet into frigging lava!” He exclaimed.

“Yeah, that WAS a bitch. Come on, let’s get the fuck outta here.” Sir Pendulum (not one to use gutter talk lightly) said in a hoarse voice. He and the Private leaned on each other as they slowly followed the receding backs of their fellows.

January- 9th, Saturday
'The Library'

A sheaf of ice slid off a section of the city revealing a few entrances to an underground Library. As fate would have it 3 Warbands were alert enough to the opportunities that laid in wait.

Siegfried and Roy‘s Warband sashayed in from the southwestern staircase.
Rivendell’s Bikini Team bounced in from the southeast.
The Clock Blockers punctually entered from the north.

The battle lasted 3 and a half hours. A Clock Blocking knight was pushed into a 100 foot deep crack of lava by one of Siegfried’s treasure hunters. A enthusiastic throng of girls ran westward to attack Siegfried and his band of merry men causing them to drop a treasure chest. A hungry Cave Bear shambled into the fray only to be quickly beaten down by the Rivendell Team. It was then tied, groomed and named ‘Huggums Wuggums’. One treasure chest went unclaimed. Siegfried was killed by Ellowan’s elemental magics, as was the Apprentice B’Quikk.

Siegfried (now just Roy the Apprentice who badly tore his pink sequin jumper) skipped away with 3 hard wood chests of books and 3 dead.
Ellowan made out like a pimp with 4 Treasures full of sticky magazines and only two dead.
Del’Rolexx ran out of time with only 1 Treasure chest filled with books and six team mates dead (nine if you count the suicidal zombies).


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