The Hunt For The Golem

Self willed and pissed



The Granite Golem is a unique creature, a construct capable of limited, independent thought. Unfortunately, most of its thoughts are based around homicidal rage.

Name Move Fight Shoot Armour Will Health
The Granite Golem 6 + 4 + 2 13 + 6 16

Throw Rock,
Huge Weapon (treat as if armed with a two-handed weapon),
Shake Off Control,

The Granite Golem follows the standard rules for creature actions, with the following addition that should be inserted between steps two and three (Frostgrave, p.47):

If, during the creature phase, there is no warband member within 10”, but there is one in line-of-sight, the Granite Golem will use its first action to hurl a large stone at him. If more than one figure fits this circumstance, the Golem will attack the closest eligible target. Treat this as a standard shooting attack, but any hit does +2 damage. The Granite Golem will then use its second action to move towards the same target (whether it survived the initial rock attack or not!).

The Control Construct spell has only limited effect on the Granite Golem. If this spell is successfully cast, and the construct fails its Will roll, it will be subject to the wizard’s control for one activation only. After this, it shakes off the control, and acts as normal. Further castings of the spell, however, are possible.

The magic that powers the Granite Golem is unstable. If the construct is destroyed by any form of magical attack, roll on the explosion table below.
Explosion Table d20 roll
1–6Fizzle———————————Nothing Happens.
7–10-Minor Explosion———Figures in base contact with the Golem take a + 5 attack.
11–15-Major Explosion———Figures within 4” of the Golem take a + 5 shooting attack.
16–20-Massive Explosion—Figures within 4” of the Golem suffer a + 5 shooting attack. Figures between 4” and 8” take a + 3 shooting attack.
21–24—-Catastrophic Explosion—Figures within 8” of the Golem take a + 5 shooting attack.

*Add + 4 to this roll if the spell that destroyed the Golem was from the Elementalist school.

The Hunt for the Golem is a mini-campaign for Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City. Over the course of three scenarios, the wizards and their warbands will learn about the Granite Golem, a unique monster rampaging through the ruins. They will then go on the hunt for the Golem, first to study it, then in an effort to capture or destroy it. They will also have a chance to find some unique new treasures.
Since this campaign focuses on constructs – and one construct in particular – players with Enchanters may find the scenarios especially interesting, and their magic may give them a slight edge. Any advantage will be minor, however, and canny wizards from any school should be able to face the Granite Golem, defeat their rivals, and claim the treasures to be found.
As always, these scenarios are just starting points. Players should feel free to change them in any fashion they choose, or to create new scenarios based on the hunt for the Granite Golem.

Millennia ago, in a time now completely forgotten, a cabal of wizards founded a city in the shadow of the great mountains on the bend of a mighty river. Over the passing centuries, the city grew from a small collection of stone houses into a thriving sorcerous metropolis. In those early days, powerful enchanters created an army of granite golems to tear stone from the mountains and shape it into great blocks, then carry these immense slabs into the city to be used in the construction of the wizards’ towers, libraries, observatories, and other buildings. As time passed, these golems were slowly rendered obsolete by more effective elemental magic that was both less expensive and less time-consuming.

Most of the redundant constructs were destroyed, broken down for parts, or used in the foundations of the new buildings. A few were given new roles as pack animals, or even as bearers of the rich and indolent, whom they carried around the city. Most wizards, however, preferred new and more fashionable constructs.
By the time the great blizzard struck, there were only a few survivors of the original granite golems that had helped to build the city, and the storm destroyed all but one of these. The lone survivor had been owned by a mean-spirited, but rather successful, alchemist, who used the golem to cart large orders of potions all over the city. In the midst of the blizzard, the alchemist and his workshop were destroyed in a huge explosion caused by one potion vat toppling into another. The golem somehow survived the explosion and, even more improbably, a magic spark created by the strange mixture of potions entered into the golem’s simple mind and gave it consciousness. For one second, the golem lived. In the next instant, it froze solid.
One thousand years have passed, and the great thaw has come to the city now known as Frostgrave. The Granite Golem has awoken from its frozen slumber, its mind active once more. It is a mind filled with hatred – for the city it was enslaved to build, and for the wizards who controlled it…