January- 31st, Sunday

The Hunt For The Golem (Part-1)

This is the first part of a mini campaign involving the search for and eventual destruction of a self-willed Construct. It recently came across another Warband on 34th Street and a massacre ensued. Bodies twisted and broken, they lay everywhere to be discovered by the next Warband to happen along. These broken men either had treasure upon them, were survivors of the attack, had fallen to the darkness of Frostgrave and became zombies or held in a death grip, the notes on how to defeat the raging Golem.

The Clock Blockers entered from the East.
The Best Supporting Cast came up from the South.
Abramelin’s Crew jotted in from the West and
Seigfried and Roy walked down from the North.

The 4 Warbands stood still at the sight of the carnage and blood. Their breaths exhaling in mists of vapor that dissipated into the frigid air like the souls of the recently dead. Then, when it was found that some of the dead still clutched gold coins to their chests, the 4 Warbands commenced to fighting. Frau Blucher had severe communication problems with her team, but her nightly fireside rehearsals kept her men in check. Abramelin’s dedicated commitment to snuff the life out of either Siegfried or Roy had started many rumors. His summond monsters and nameless minions made a bee-line towards the stylish men from the North. Lady Del’Rolexx pushed aside her usual philosophizing on the history of this long dead City to focus on sheer greed and gold collection. Roy ran for his life from the bears, Imps and minions with swords, to no avail as he was killed upon the ice rimmed cobblestone street leaving the blonde headed Siegfried to mourn his loss.

The battle lasted 4 and 1/2 hours. The Blockers came away with 4 chests of gold, the highest tally for the Chronomancers so far. The Cast exited stage left with the blood stained Golem Notes and 3 treasures (one of which was surprisingly easy to find). The Crew walked off with 3 treasures and half a handful of short brown Roy-hair. The fancy men of Siegfried left the blood bath with only 2 chests, knowing that there was one still left behind.

Off in the far distance the sounds of crashing and shattering echoed from the ruins.

The Granite Golem was near.

Too near…


Great job, Russ! I love the part that you put in Roy’s hair. Er, I mean the part that you put in about Roy’s hair, lol! I was the one messing around with his scalp!


January- 31st, Sunday

Siegfried is the one with flowing golden locks. Roy is the one that has half a head of short brown hair – the other half having been eaten by Mantecore the white tiger a while back!

January- 31st, Sunday

LOL! Now Roy has less than half a head of hair!


January- 31st, Sunday

Dang. Serves me right for letting my monthly subscription to “Mauled Men Of The Vegas Strip” magazine run out. Now I don’t know what’s going on in the world of famous animal attacks. Oddly, being from Ohio that subject comes up alot in idle conversations. I will make the changes.

January- 31st, Sunday

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