January- 21st Thursday

Well of Mirrors

You may have heard of the Well of Dreams and Sorrows. There is a place just outside of the walls of Frostgrave surrounded by ice rimmed boulders that reflect all images like distorted mirrors. Within this glade is an open roofed tower. Within this tower is a ring of coldfire that constantly surround a well of still waters that reflect the image of whoever looks inside. But beware, those who gaze into the waters are soon attacked by a clone of themselves.

Two new Warbands meet for the first time.
Randolph the Magnificent’s team has devised a way to hit the bullseye of treasure collecting using his archers boosted by powerful spells. They enter the glade from the East.

The J’s slink in from the West with pockets full of smoking tobacco and spells.

The battle lasts 2 hours as the J thieves run like mad to as many chests as they can see. Randolph and his more then hideous apprentice (but she has a nice personality) cast Glow spells on as many enemies as possible. This is followed up by a barrage of flying arrows. J.J. Flash walks boldly through the cold fire and a demonic clone is created, but thankfully before the two meet in mortal combat, Flash’s skin begins to illuminate and a cloud of arrows kill him.

The Magnificents walk casually out of the glen with 4 treasure chests. As they leave they notice an expensive Demon In A Bottle just lying there in the snow, huh…fancy that! That night they set up camp in an old abandoned library

The J’s barley crawl away with 2 treasures. In time they will re-light their pipes and try this raiding thing again. They crawl up a large tower in the center of town and lock the doors behind them.



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