January- 18th, Monday

The Crumbling Maze

There lies within the heart of Frostgrave a crumbling maze with doors frozen solid for a thousand years. Four Warbands sought it’s treasures on this day and here within is a recount of their battle…

Frau Blucher and her Cabal of Best Supporting Cast found an entrance to this death maze from the South. Their efforts were aided by 2 powerful summoned war cats trained in the art of war. The Wizard Blucher used a mix of tequila and pomegranates to sharpen the skills of her beasts, unfortunately for all that walked behind them the scat they left was toxic to the touch.

Lady Del’Rolexx of the Clock Blockers entered from the 3 o’clock position. Her two new barbaric bodyguards were recently boosted by chronologically regressing the scar tissue of their arms to increase their damage potential. They smiled ferally as they heard deep throat giggling and slippered feet to the north. They loved to here the screams of the girly-men.

With a scathing hiss Siegfried hushed his team, the Warband of Siegfried and Roy, as they descended from the north corridor. The wizards’ pale blue eyes darted fervently from shadow to shadow ever seeking a hint of the enemy. Already severely injured twice, he did not want to be carried away from these musty halls by his tightly clothed minions yet again. One opposing wizard in particular.

The Crew hunted treasure, but Abramelin himself hunted other wizards. He looked to the summoned constructs and animals, remembering how he instructed them upon their creation to seek out mages and kill. One of the lumbering behemoths slowly walked into a wall. Abramelin revised his plans and hefted his weapon. Guess I’ll have to do things myself.

The battle lasted more then 4 hours. The maze proved formidable, not only due to the multiple doors that had been frozen shut these last thousand tears, but also as each treasure was gained a horrible monster would appear to slay the nearest figure. Too late the Warbands realized that the mazes most insidious trap was it’s draining of time. In the end multiple treasures were left behind as the bloodied Warbands slunk away to lick their wounds and maybe try again some other day.

The Cast lost their wizard to a…er… stray arrow that came out from nowhere, they escaped with 1 treasure. Siegfried did survive this day and his team came away with 3 treasures. Lady Del’Rolexx left with 2 treasures, but Secondz Jr., the replacement for Secondz, was mauled to death by a Gargoyle. Amramelin, so focused on seeking the death of Siegfried, only exited with 1 treasure.



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