January- 11th, Monday

A Complex Temple

Rumors among the local ice savages around Felstad speak of a grand open air Temple with statues that come alive on certain nights to preform ancient rituals even though the Priests are long dead. It was on this day that 3 Warbands discovered this Temple and began to loot it’s contents. To make things more complex, the statues fought the Wizards and mass chaos ensued.

The Clock Blockers arrived on time from the Southwest.
The Abramelin’s Crew charged in from the Northwest.
And Siegfried and Roy and the boys came in from the East.

After her previous defeats, Del’Rolexx focused her Warband and encouraged them to fight as many statues as possible to gain the treasures that they protected. Abramelin summoned many nefarious constructs and minor demons to aid his crew, but they proved to be ponderous and slow witted. Siegfried’s men used the Back Door method to sneak as many treasures from the animated guardians. The fight lasted 3 hours as each team vied for the best position to escape with the best loot. A Snow Leopard ambushed some of Siegfried’s Treasure Hunters, but they dispatched it quickly and took it’s hide to make costumes for next Saturday night. Knowing that he would come out of this battle poorly, Abramelin sent his troops across the Northern side to descend on Siegfried with shouts of “Kill the Fancy Spell Caster! That’ll make it 3 times in a week!”

Siegfried and Roy, bloodied and torn, bearly (hee hee, Bear!) escaped death with three treasure chests to show for their efforts. Three men had Emmy Award nominated death scenes.

The Clock Blockers made it out with 4 chests, but Jakk B’Quik the Apprentice caught a stray arrow in the left eye, which hampered his casting ability. Two men died.

The Crew controlled two chests as the spells wore off and half of the team, the Summoned, dissipated to the Nether. No Crew members were harmed this day.



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