February 9th, Tuesday

Hunt For The Golem (Part 2)

The clues that Frau Blucher put together at the last area of the Granite Golem’s massacre pointed to the Lava Gardens. This is where the rampaging beast would show next. Little did she know that other Wizards were very interested in learning about this engine of destruction and would follow her to the spot to do some research. This is the second part of a 3 part set of linked adventurs pertaining to a self willed Construct.

Frau Blucher and her cast entered from the Southwest bridge.
Siegfried’s merry men entered from the Southeast bridge.
Abramelin and his crew entered from the Northeast bridge.
Del Rolexx and her Blockers entered from the Northwest bridge.

The battle took 3 and a half hours. It was cut short due to a time constraint on Del Rolexx’s part, she commanded all her troops to drop everything and retreat, which opened them to massive attacks. 7 of her 10 men were seriously injured and 3 of those died horrible, painful deaths. Siegfried protected himself and Roy admirably as they began gaining knowledge and experience in greater amounts then ever before. Wizard Blucher shot the first spell that handicapped the deadly Golem, ensuring the safety of all others. And Abramelin…


Seeing that the other Warbands would escape with most of the Treasure whilst he fought so hard to gain what scraps he had, realized time was running out. He came upon a hideous idea to threaten the other Warbands into giving him more time to drag his treasures off the battlefield rather then just leaving them there for the crows. He stated that he would slay the Golem if his demands weren’t met thereby negating the days efforts. Frau Blucher did a quick calculation and agreed to the demands knowing that her Warband would be on top this day. Del Rolexx gauged the greed of the other wizard and called his bluff, she thought he would never go through with it and deprive himself the secrets of the Granite Golem. Siegfried, who obviously had been drinking during the battle, called Abramelin a bunch of girly names and slurringly accused him of not having the balls to do it.

Abramelin, having balls, did it. 3 of his men were killed in the attempt, but eventually the Granite Golem was destroyed and all experience in dealing with it was lost.

Thus ends the Hunt For The Golem series.



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